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On Reddit AMA, Niels Lesniewski Discusses Nuclear Option, Movember

Roll Call’s own Niels Lesniewski took to Reddit Friday to field questions about what happened in the Senate Thursday in the wake of the nuclear option being triggered.

Lesniewski with his favorite reading material Riddick's Senate Procedure. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call)
Lesniewski with his favorite reading material, Riddick’s Senate Procedure. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call)

His “Ask Me Anything” thread is still live on the site.

“Democrats seem to have decided that being able to get President Obama’s nominees confirmed outweighed the risks of the next Republican president doing the same,” he wrote of the historic change to the Senate’s rules.

Redditor arrggg asked what the most monumental rules change was previously.

“This was probably the biggest change since 1975, when they reduced the number needed to break most filibusters from two-thirds to 60 votes,” Lesniewski responded.

But not all the questions were so serious. Lesniewski had to clarify his history when one redditor teasingly asked why he bullies Sen. Harry Reid.

“Reid was accusing me of bullying other reporters, actually. Even though I’m not the loudest,” Lesniewski replied. He added a link to a video of Reid calling him out.

Another redditor questioned Lesniewski’s lack of facial hair and asked why he wasn’t supporting Movember. Apparently, that’s not of his own volition.

“Not the best with facial hair,” he wrote.

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