Filner Receives Probation, Fine for Misconduct

Posted December 9, 2013 at 4:07pm

Bob Filner, the California Democrat who stepped down as mayor of San Diego amid a cloud of sexual-harassment allegations, was sentenced on Monday to complete 90 days home confinement, plus three years of probation.

Filner resigned his position in late August. He pleaded guilty to a felony false imprisonment charge and two counts of misdemeanor battery in October, after being accused by multiple women of harassment and inappropriate conduct.

“Certainly the behaviors before this court today will never be repeated. And I am confident I will come out of this a better person,” Filner pledged in a pre-sentencing statement.

Filner initially attempted to defuse the media frenzy the mounting accusations sparked by enrolling in counseling, but he eventually elected to leave office. As part of the plea deal, the former 10-term congressman must wear a GPS-enabled monitoring device throughout his probation, may not run for public office until his probation is over and was fined about $1,500.

Things began going south for Filner shortly after his fiancee called off their engagement in July.