Boehner Video Defends House GOP Record, Challenges Obama

Posted December 18, 2013 at 7:00am

If you like cable-news-style promos with cinematic background tracks, you’re going to love — or at least YouTube “favorite” — Speaker John A. Boehner’s new video defending the House Republican record on jobs, energy, education and health care.

“The American economy, the greatest in the world, is stuck in a new normal: high unemployment, stagnant wages, slow growth,” Boehner begins the video, with images reminiscent of President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 “Morning Again in America” ad. “We can do better.”

Boehner, House Republicans and the rest of Congress have been under attack for being the least legislatively productive Congress in history. So far, during this session, Congress has had 57 laws signed into law.

The video, however, notes a number of bills that have passed the House and languished in the Senate. That’s where the Senate Democrats “standing in the way” and Obama “standing on the sidelines” bit comes in.

Boehner concludes the video with a simple question:

“Mr. President, what are you waiting for?”