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Like a major city with global reach, the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush never sleeps. Amid the buzz of Boeing Super Hornets taking off and landing, U.S. Navy personnel aboard the ship work around the clock to carry out their core mission: protecting and serving the United States.

Navy carriers give the U.S. unrivaled ability to project power worldwide. Carrier-based tactical aircraft extends that reach even further, with Super Hornets taking a leading role.

Cmdr. Dan Cheever, Carrier Wing 8 commander, discussed why the Super Hornet is a critical asset. “The Super Hornet is a great asset for the nation and our Navy,” Cheever said. “It’s what we use to project power from the strike group and protect the sea lines of communication.”

Lt. Elizabeth Hall, an F/A-18F weapons system officer, echoed those remarks while describing her confidence in the aircraft.

“Since I started flying in the F/A-18, I don’t even think twice about it — the systems, the backup systems, everything. I have ultimate trust in the platform itself to get me where I need to be,” she said.

The USS George H.W. Bush is the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, and nearly 6,000 sailors call it home during deployment.

Watch this video to hear more from the crew aboard the USS George H.W. Bush.

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