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Jared Polis’ Punctuation Push

Rep. Jared Polis has as of late been having some trouble squeezing in everything he wants to share on social media.

But the Colorado Democrat has a plan to streamline overly wordy thoughts: tildes.

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“It is challenging to condense quotes from articles into 140 characters,” Polis said in an email regarding his struggles with concise, but still cogent microblogging. Per his unsatisfactory research, Polis found far-from-definitive advice urging content shrinkers to employ everything from multicolored fonts to plain brackets.

“For instance, take the sentence ‘Most residents of Fallujah do not support the al-Qaeda fighters, the journalist there said, but they also lack the means to oppose them, and they also oppose the Iraqi government.’ from a recent Washington Post article. After referencing a style guide I tried [brackets] ‘[residents oppose al-Qaeda,but also oppose Iraqi government]’ but it doesn’t convey meaning as well as a specialized ~symbol~ would,” Polis wrote.

Polis would rather resuscitate the tilde for abbreviating duties — a symbol he believes is ideally suited to the task.

“Tildes were in vogue for a while in the 1990s, during the internet 1.0 days as part of URLs, as in ‘ but they have fallen out of use again, appear on every keyboard, and happen to have ‘approximate’ as their meaning anyway! A perfect fit!” he asserted.

He fully expects to make his case one meticulously shortened tweet at a time.

“The resolution I am looking for is that the mavens of grammar adopt my suggestion to use ~tildes~ as the official symbol of paraphrasing,” Polis proposed. “And I plan on using them in my twitter feed to contribute to the goal of adoption in some small way.”

Just don’t expect him to be a stickler for the rules into perpetuity.

“The other day someone asked, ‘Plural of armor is armor right? Only time one would use ‘armors’ is as a verb?’ And I sent a light-hearted reply: ‘my amour’s armor is in the armory’s armoire,’” Polis shared, showing his love of wordplay.

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