Poll: Cyberwarfare Is Top U.S. Threat

Posted January 7, 2014 at 6:12pm

Defense News launches its inaugural Leadership Poll and reports that “cyberwarfare is the most serious threat facing the United States, according to almost half of US national security leaders.”

The piece continues: “But while the leaders in national security policy, the military, congressional staffs and the defense industry are united in the seriousness of the cyber threat, agreement on the next greatest threat breaks down clearly along party lines. Terrorism is viewed as the next greatest threat by leaders who identified themselves as Republicans, while climate change was cited by those identifying as Democrats.”

“The poll sheds new insight into what is often seen as a monolithic and even nonpartisan national security community. More than 350 senior defense leaders responded to the poll in late November, answering two dozen questions across the gamut of defense issues.”

Full results are here.