Keeping Up With the Capitol Hill Fox

Posted January 8, 2014 at 11:58am

And the hits keep coming.

(Courtesy Chris Burger)
(Courtesy Chris Burger)

Chris Burger, who left D.C. for Nashville, Tenn., not too long ago, told HOH he’s been enjoying our ongoing coverage of the photogenic phenomenon that is the Capitol Hill Fox. And — who’d believe it! — he, too, recently had a run-in with the four-legged bandit during a holiday visit to the District.

“We ran into the red fox at the FDR Memorial,” Burger shared. “He just ran across the memorial into grass and just kept going — he seemed to just be enjoying the cold day.”

Our furry friend appears to have this whole town wired:

Burger’s report brings us close to a half-dozen sightings of said critter. (Keep those name suggestions coming, everyone!)

Of course, we fully expect that number will continue to climb as the CHF’s star rises. To wit, some wily fan has already created a corresponding Twitter account.