Suit Yourself

Posted January 21, 2014 at 1:00pm

Nothing says Capitol Hill like young people in suits. The speaker’s announced policy for the 113th Congress states that staffers must be in “appropriate business attire” on the House floor, so this ups the ante on how staffers dress on a daily basis. Confused about what to wear? Hill Navigator discusses.

Q. I will be starting a Hill internship soon and I wanted to know what I should expect to wear on a regular day. Will it be a suit 5 days a week?

  • Wear a suit the first day of work. Even if it’s recess. Or Friday. Or hot outside. Your first day sets the tone of your internship, and a suit shows you’re taking it seriously.
  • Wear a suit (or jacket and tie, or blazer/slacks/skirt for ladies) every day Congress is in session.
  • Dress up every day the boss is in town. Most offices have a relaxed dress code when Congress is out of session, but if the boss is there, take the extra time to dress in business clothing.
  • Follow the office’s lead. Don’t be the first one to wear jeans or break out into casual Friday polo shirts unless you see your co-workers doing the same thing. And by co-workers, I don’t mean other interns. Take the cues from the higher-ups in the office.
  •  Stay away from: jeans, sneakers, T-shirts, yoga pants. No matter how casual your office Fridays get, you’re better off in khakis or dress pants than something more comfortable. Wait for the weekends to wear whatever you want. Or wait until your internship is over.