(The Legend of) Capitol Hill Fox Lives On!

Posted February 5, 2014 at 2:59pm

Dead. Alive. Zombified.  

Who knows what to believe when it comes to the state of the Capitol Hill Fox?  

View Capitol Hill Fox sightings in a larger map Following a roller-coaster ride of a day when dozens of CHF fans flooded the HOH inbox with bulletins about the alarming mass of fur and bones clumped together alongside Interstate 395 North just near the Capitol, one true believer has come forth to squelch all the eulogizing.  

“I saw the Fox this morning during a run on Hains Point under the 14th St. Bridge,” a tipster announced via Twitter.  

It’s not the first time someone has reported spying the fox by Ohio Drive Southwest , but it’s certainly the most inspirational.  

“We can all rejoice!” our ecstatic exerciser proclaimed.  

The latest sighting appears to fly in the face of the CHF’s online persona. An eponymous Twitter account seemed resigned to fading away into obscurity Tuesday, though the media-savvy author did leave an opening to return:  



Whether any Capitol Hill kits will ever materialize (and therefore inherit the CHF’s social-media throne) remains to be seen.  



But it’s nice to know the CHF appreciates(ed?) being part of the surrounding community.