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U.S. Navy Would Receive Largest Portion of ’16 Budget Jump

Defense News reports that “the US Navy would get the largest chunk of the additional $36 billion the White House is considering giving to the Pentagon for fiscal 2016, according to defense sources.”  

“The revelation comes as the Pentagon and White House finalize the Defense Department’s fiscal 2015 budget proposal, which includes the increased 2016 projection. But without a repeal or modification to the Budget Control Act, the increased funds would be subject to sequestration to bring them in line with existing budget caps, perhaps forcing cuts in other areas.”  

“Should the Pentagon receive additional funds, sources said it would be dispersed among the services: $14.7 billion for the Navy Department, which includes the Marine Corps; $8.7 billion for the Air Force; $7.6 billion for the Army; and $5 billion for US Special Operations Command.”

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