Tom Petri’s S.O.S (Save Our Sausages)

Posted April 11, 2014 at 1:40pm

Wisconsin Republican Tom Petri took to the House floor Thursday to issue a dire warning to grill tenders the world over: Europe is coming for our pork products.  

It seems the European Union wants to impose new restrictions on certain products, namely processed meats, cheeses and seasonal beers, as part of a swirling trade agreement — a power grab that’s left a bad taste in the Wisconsin delegation’s mouths.  

“This is, frankly, getting ridiculous,” Petri argued, adding, “If anything, we should be trademarking the name ‘bratwurst,’ not them.”  

Across the Capitol, Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin has rallied nearly half the Senate to the cause, raising a bipartisan chorus of voices in favor of protecting homegrown snacks from the proposed geographic restrictions. As avowed carnivores, we here at HOH join Congress in defending American-made meatstuffs — even the dubious sounding “snot brats” intrepid gastronaut Andrew Zimmern was surprised with on “Bizarre Foods”:  

Battle on, Badger Staters!