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‘FED UP’ Filmmakers Give an ‘FU’ to Critics


My, my.  

The team behind the new documentary “FED UP” is sending a little message to the folks who aren’t down with its message that the food industry is basically poisoning Americans into obesity: “FU.” Or at least that’s what’s on the new publicity poster.  

“We can change lives by changing the way we eat, but we need your help! Fed Up is the film food companies don’t want you to see. Before we could sell a single ticket, the Washington lobbyists were already throwing up road-blocks. They’ve been distorting the film’s message and trying to discredit the science using their own set of facts. There’s only one way to fight back. We need you to show up this weekend in great numbers and shout them down,” a release from Team FED UP reads.  

Kudos to the bare-knuckled brawlers out there! It’s not often you see a good sense of humor brought to a Washington food fight.  

“FED UP” is playing at at E Street Cinema at 555 11th St. NW.