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Ian Fleming’s Birthday Is Today, so Drink a Martini

Need an excuse to have a martini? It’s Ian Fleming’s birthday on Wednesday, so hoist one to the creator of Bond, James Bond.  

Some of the better places to indulge? Wisdom cocktail parlour at 1432 Pennsylvania Ave. SE is arguably your best best on Capitol Hill, although you can expect proprietor Erik Holzherr, the Gintender , to speak up in favor of gin, as opposed to Mr. Bond’s preference for vodka martinis.  

Washington’s good enough to be a town replete with good cocktail places. If you’re not on the Hill, may we suggest the Passenger (1021 Seventh St. NW), Round Robin (1401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW) or the Gibson (2009 14th St. NW)?  

If Bond’s not your thing, just remember that Fleming is the man who also gave us “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”