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Capitol Hill Concern Over Immunity for US troops in Iraq

Fox News reports that “members of Congress are voicing concern that the Obama administration has not gotten strong enough assurances that U.S. troops heading to Iraq to aid the beleaguered government will be immune from prosecution in Iraqi courts for any alleged offenses committed while serving there.”  

“The inability to strike an agreement giving American troops immunity was one of the big reasons why a residual force did not stay behind after 2011. Now that hundreds of U.S. troops and military advisers are being sent back into Iraq to secure U.S. facilities and assist Iraqi security forces, some lawmakers wonder whether a “double standard” is being applied — one that could potentially jeopardize American troops.”  

“‘If American servicemembers were not safe from legal prosecution in Iraq after December 31, 2011, they are not safe from legal prosecution today,’ Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., wrote to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in a draft letter being circulated on Capitol Hill for signatures.”