John Dingell Stumped by Kardashian Craze

Posted July 22, 2014 at 6:29pm

Rep. John D. Dingell has spent nearly 24 hours trying to wrap his head around the dizzying world of celebutantes. And it ain’t working.  

After being stumped by a seemingly random tweet from someone at the Environmental Protection Agency — which has, of course, since been scrubbed from existence — trumpeting their standing in reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s nascent iPhone-friendly time-suck , the Michigan Democrat apparently turned to staff for a crash course in all things O. J. Simpson’s-former-lawyer’s-since-remarried-wife’s-brood’s plans to prove Andy Warhol wrong.  

(Et tu, EPA?)  

Team Dingell did not respond to queries regarding whether the debrief on the reigning tabloid queen/bride of hip-hop mogul Kanye West/mother of North West included “A Clockwork Orange”-like screening of TMZ clips, binge-watching of E!’s burgeoning Kardashian-centric programming (have the pets been given shows yet?) or a quick flip-through men’s magazines.  



It’s obvious, however, that the pop culture cram session clearly didn’t take. Dingell’s confusion struck a chord with many in the Twittersphere, including:  

Bemused fans  


Straight-up Haters  


Would-be Pundits  


And, (our favorite) Armchair Epidemiologists  


The EPA, meanwhile, appears to be of the mindset that this embarrassing little episode will soon become water under the bridge.  



Dream on, mobile-game playing, fame-chasing, poor-Twitter-handling bureaucrats.