Transportation Secretary Says Improving Oil Transport to be Handled ‘Comprehensively’

Posted July 22, 2014 at 11:05am

Fuel Fix reports that “Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx suggested Monday that coming mandates to boost the safety of hauling oil by train will take a comprehensive approach, going beyond requiring changes to the tank cars that carry crude across the country.”  

“The issue ‘has to be dealt with comprehensively,’ Foxx said, after a speech at the National Press Club. ‘So many folks out there say ‘just figure out what the tank car should look like,’ and that’s one piece of it, but speed is an issue and there are several other components that matter.’”  

“Transportation officials already have drafted their plan to enhance standards for the tank cars that carry oil and to bolster operational controls for trains hauling high-hazard, flammable substances. The Office of Management and Budget is now reviewing the proposal, which could be unveiled later this year.”