Wes Morton Pops by DGS for ‘Schmutz and Schmaltz’

Posted July 25, 2014 at 2:28pm

With just under a week to go before he cuts ties with D.C. for good, outgoing Art and Soul toque Wes Morton has carved out time to inject a little Southern flavor into DGS’s inaugural “Summer Roadshow” dinner.  

Morton is scheduled to take over the DGS kitchen on July 29 for a pop-up dining experience dubbed “Schmutz & Schmaltz.”  

Even though DGS’s founding chef, Barry Koslow, has since moved on — Koslow split from the restaurant earlier this year in order to help the W Hotel reinvent its fine dining program — Morton said the Dupont Circle deli remains near and dear to his heart.  

“Barry was very instrumental to me when we first moved to D.C. So much so that I followed him to Circle Bistro from Citronelle,” Morton shared, recalling culinary battles waged alongside Koslow and Brendan Cox (who has since established his own restaurant, Oakleaf , in Pittsboro, N.C.).  

“The DGS guys will definitely be missed along with their fantastic smoked meat!” Morton said. But before he can miss them, Morton will try to dazzle colleagues one last time with pickled fare (half-sours, dills, okra and watermelon rind), stuffed wild blue catfish (featuring smoked whitefish and tomato gravy), creamy grits with chicken schmaltz, and Cajun jambalaya bolstered by smoked chicken and braised tongue.  

The three-course meal is priced at $35 per person and will be made available from 5-9:30 p.m.