Life on Sarah Palin’s Wavelength

Posted July 29, 2014 at 12:10pm

After years of randomly popping up on cable news shows, conservative documentaries and in single-season series, one-time GOP vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin is ready to build a programming empire all her own.  

The former governor of Alaska has teamed with digital media platform TAPP to launch the subscription-based Sarah Palin Channel . The SPC marks the second outing by TAPP, which waded into the online market this past March with the religiously themed “New Life TV with Steve Arterburn.”  

“Together let’s live life vibrantly, purposefully and boldly,” the Alaska Republican implores viewers in her welcome video.  

A TAPP aide told HOH that Palin’s new project has been in development for several months, and currently features a series of “sample” video clips — watch her frag President Barack Obama in response to a reader-submitted query regarding political leadership and weave a pro-energy independence pitch through commentary about Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The company has plans to court additional constituencies (a word cloud touts “fantasy sports,” “addictions” and “paranormal” content as viable contenders) in the future.  

For $9.95 a month, or $99.95 per year, subscribers get all the current content — selected “behind the scenes” videos; the word of the day from Palin’s mother, Sally Heath; a real-time countdown until the end of Obama’s second term — plus the ability to comment and contribute to Palin’s planned infotainment portal.  

There’s also a two-week, no-obligation trial period for those unsure about the self-styled news aggregator.  

Those who register before Aug. 1 are promised two additional months of free viewing. Military personnel currently on active duty are encouraged to email SPC ( ) to receive free access to the evolving site.  

Per TAPP, programmers are still working on the exact formula for populating the channel. “It will be 95 percent original content,” our contact said.  

But they are leaving the door open to revisiting some of Palin’s greatest hits. Assorted members of the Palin clan, first thrust into the public eye by the 2008 presidential contest, have managed to carve out new careers for themselves via a patchwork of short-lived television projects, including: “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” (2010-2011), “Dancing with the Stars” (eldest daughter Bristol Palin appeared on the 11th season of the reality competition and was brought back for an “all-star edition” two years later), “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp” (2012), which also featured younger sister Willow, and, most recently, “Amazing America with Sarah Palin” (2014).  

Producers expect to resurrect the family’s nature show with some new color commentary.  

“We’re also featuring a special replay of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ with Gov. Palin’s reminiscences of each episode,” Team TAPP said.  

That means SPC subscribers might finally learn what Palin REALLY thinks about former reality TV queen bee Kate Gosselin.  

Some of the archival footage we suspect will never air on SPC include:  

That disastrous interview with then-CBS newswoman Katie Couric  

Perfect opportunity to blurt out “Roll Call.” Or better yet, “Heard on the Hill.”  

Reruns of HBO’s Emmy-winning take on the 2008 presidential race, “Game Change”  

God save the queen!