Mashup King Tortures Bill Murray With Droning Dick Cheney

Posted July 29, 2014 at 4:11pm

Our condolences to involuntary time traveler Phil Connors, but political activist Diran Lyons has a rather rude awakening for you.  

The “Groundhog Day Remix” is the latest viral vid bait to spring from Lyons’ news-saturated skull.  

He told HOH inserting former Vice President Dick Cheney’s latest pronouncements about the war on terror into the nightmarish scenario was all about purging himself of mounting frustration.  

“Cheney’s recent comments in the media about military spending, Syria and Iraq began to irritate me … I felt somewhat like Murray and the clock radio, constantly being subjected to views on foreign policy that I find disagreeable,” Lyons said. When he sat down last month to revisit the iconic flick — something he says he and his family do “at least once a year together” — the wheels started turning and, voila, another custom tailored clip was set in motion.  

His most widely perused effort to date (940,000-plus views and counting) has to be the one wherein President Barack Obama choppily utters every last combative word of Jay-Z’s rap anthem, “99 Problems.”  

That social media gem took roughly half a year to orchestrate, including weeks of extensive research (“[It] took 6 months to find all the words,” he said) and several days of careful massaging. Not that Lyons minds hunting for new material.  

“I do the remixes because I love the process, and I think it encourages people who see the videos to think, ‘Hey, I could do something like that,’” he said. “So in some sense it helps foster production/discourse about issues that are important.”  

Forthcoming attempts at spinning out finely tuned click-bait are expected to cover a few causes (environmental issues, health care) currently on his mind. But he’s also hyper-focused on who will inhabit the White House after 44.  

Hence the reasons Lyons said he is already hoarding all the Hillary Rodham Clinton and Jeb Bush footage his hard drive can hold.  

“My hope is that everything aligns just right and that I can do a remix that features both for 2016!” he said.