Roll Call After Dark Tunes of the Week: ‘San Clemente’s Not The Same,’ by Barbara Foster (Video)

Jason Dick
Posted August 7, 2014 at 12:43pm  

Is anything the same post-Nixon? Not really. But singer Barbara Foster was one of the first to put such sentiment to words and tunes when she released her song “San Clemente’s Not The Same (Mr. Nixon, You’re To Blame),” in 1969, bemoaning the effect of President Richard Nixon’s taking up part-time residence in the picturesque California beach town.  

The song, which plays over the credits of the Penny Lane documentary “Our Nixon,” is all the more fun because it turns the knife with a smile. “You made our town your summer home/Crowned it with the Capitol Dome/Took a step out on the beach/Now Cotton’s Point is out of reach,” Foster sings, a familiar complaint for anyone whose access to previously public areas has been limited by a presidential detail.  

This Saturday, Aug. 9, marks the 40th anniversary of Nixon’s resignation, after which Roll Call After Dark will scale back the Nixon obsession . Until then, hum a few bars!