Report: How to Design and Enable a Successful Land Organization

Posted August 29, 2014 at 5:15am

A new PwC report states: “Nowhere has the impact of US onshore resource play development been felt more strongly than among Land organizations. The volume and pace of development within resource plays requires faster, more ‘nimble’, and more capable Land organizations than in the past. The strategic importance of land has been elevated, but E&Ps are only now beginning to assess their Land organizations holistically to understand what success looks like and how they can enable that success.”  

“Drawing upon PwC’s Land Benchmarking Study and interviews with more than 70 oil and gas professionals from different functions across 20 E&Ps, we outline in this article a framework for understanding what success looks like within Land—we detail what the renewed strategic importance of Land means for operators in terms of organization, people, and process. Together with exploration and development, Land is one of the critical planks for a successful upstream operator.”