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Stars and Stripes reports that “lengthy deployments and a risk-averse service culture are among the frustrations sailors face in the Navy, according to an independent survey led by a Navy pilot.”  

“More than 5,500 officers and enlisted sailors responded to an unofficial online poll in May as part of the 2014 Navy Retention Study, a project led by F/A-18 pilot Cmdr. Guy M. Snodgrass to understand why sailors, and officers in particular, leave the Navy early. The service is not involved with the project, although its personnel chief, Vice Adm. Bill Moran, has expressed interest in it and spoken with the project leaders.”  

“A solid majority of respondents in the voluntary survey (62 percent) described the balance between work and home as “not ideal,” according to results released last month. Many described their last deployments as long (between seven and nine months), and just under half expected upcoming deployments to be just as lengthy or longer.”

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