Steve King Embraces Twitter Hate

Posted October 8, 2014 at 11:49am

Rep. Steve King doesn’t appear to be the least bit fazed by all the rhetorical jabs thrown at him on social media.  


If anything, the cyber-sparring seems to tickle his funny bone.  

The Iowa Republican recently engaged in a little self-deprecating exercise his re-election campaign has dubbed “King Mean Tweets” — an ego gut-check originally developed by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel .  

“I enjoy their colorful nature,” King told HOH about the staff-selected taunts he and his wife, Marilyn, scrolled through during the inaugural video segment.  

Capitol Hill got its first taste of mean tweets mania this spring, after Now This News convinced a handful of sitting pols to face the online firing squad.

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King confirmed he was not approached about being in that first class of social-media-enabled sacrificial lambs. But the tea party favorite — a born antagonist who enjoys rankling those across the aisle almost as much as playing rope-a-dope with his own leadership — is obviously not afraid to mix things up on his own.  

“We anticipate there will be plenty of material to work with if we choose to create another video,” he said about possibly extending the franchise.  

The line forms to the left, sir.