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Report: Top 10 ‘Disruptive Technologies’ in Next Military Era

National Defense Magazine reports: “there is growing concern in the Pentagon that the U.S. military is in a technology rut. Even though American technology has been the gold standard for decades, countries like China intend to challenge that lead.”  

“How the nation’s military will keep that edge in a rapidly changing and dangerous world is the proverbial 64-million-dollar question. The national security challenges are multiplying: From the crisis in Ukraine, unprecedented turmoil in the Middle East, uncertainty in Pakistan, the drawdown in Afghanistan, unnerving tensions in the South China Sea.”  

“The U.S. military continues to rely on many technologies that, although still dominant, are several decades old. After 13 years of grinding warfare and large-scale counterinsurgency operations, ‘We’re seeing first-hand that the rest of the world has not stood still,’ said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.”  

The piece continues: “Against this backdrop, the writers and editors at National Defense Magazine identified key technologies that will give military forces a decisive edge in future wars and stay ahead of the game in an uncertain and volatile world.”  

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