Energy Companies Adjust to Social Media

Posted November 26, 2014 at 5:03am

Rigzone reports that “In simple terms, ‘social media has shifted the way we communicate with each other,’ both socially, and at work, Crystal Washington – author, social media strategist and owner of CMW Enterprises – told those in attendance at the 5th Annual People in Energy Summit in Houston.”  

“Over the next decade, a large number of workers from the Millennial generation, also known as Gen Y, will be moving into the energy industry. The new workers will be necessary in replacing retiring workers that come primarily from the Baby Boomer generation. As the new workers begin to make up a higher and higher percentage of all workers in the industry, it will be necessary for the industry to be flexible and open to the changes – including those brought about by social media – that will arrive with the influx of new workers.”