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Army Tests ‘Load-Lightening Exosuits’

Military Times reports that “the futuristic exosuits being tested by Army researchers won’t help soldiers outrun locomotives, and it’ll still take more than a single bound to clear a tall building.”  

“But a final prototype of the device, which could cut a wearer’s exertion level by 25 percent when carrying a 100-pound load and might let an unburdened soldier run a four-minute mile, could be tested in a realistic setting in less than two years, according to Maj. Christopher Orlowski, who runs the program under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s banner.”  

“DARPA’s Warrior Web initiative spans the entire military, but much of the testing for the four prototypes in the program’s second phase, and the nine prototypes that made up Phase I, has been hosted by the Soldier Performance and Equipment Advanced Research facility — SPEAR, for short — at Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Ground.”

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