Obama Convenes Pentagon Brass at White House

Posted December 4, 2014 at 5:10am

President Obama “convened top military leaders on Wednesday for an evening at the White House at a time of deep uncertainty for the Pentagon, where the defense secretary is on his way out and the military faces tough questions about its strategy in the Middle East,” the AP reports.  

“Obama and Vice President Joe Biden hosted the leaders, including the general and admirals in charge of U.S military commands, for a meeting in the Cabinet Room. First lady Michelle Obama was to join them for a late dinner at Blair House, the president’s official state guest house just steps away from the White House.”  

“The sit-down comes at an awkward time for Obama, whose strained relationship with the Pentagon has been on full display since Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigned last month under pressure from the president. Hagel is staying on until his successor is confirmed and planned to attend Wednesday’s dinner.”