D.C. Marijuana Rider is Officially Chopped Liver

Jason Dick
Posted December 11, 2014 at 4:20pm

As the “cromnibus” careened in fits and starts on Thursday’s alleged get-out-of-town day, advocates for the District of Columbia got the latest in series of jabs, this time not even warranting a mention in the White House Statement of Administrative Policy.  


The White House SAP on the end-of-year spending package stated that while President Barack Obama “objects to the inclusion of ideological and special interest riders in the House bill,” he would not veto it.  The insult-to-injury aspect of it for D.C.? No mention of the rider Republicans inserted and Democrats acquiesced to that would block legalization of marijuana, per an initiative D.C. voters overwhelmingly approved in November.  

A rider changing the Dodd-Frank law on derivatives? That was cited in the SAP. So was the rider allowing increased contributions from individuals to political parties. But no mention of the D.C. rider.  

To be sure, the White House clarified Obama was opposed to the D.C. rider . There was just no room for it in the memo, apparently.