Study Criticizes U.S. National Security Policy Direction

Posted December 16, 2014 at 12:07pm

National Defense Magazine reports that “the United States does not have a credible strategy to combat enemies like Islamic extremist groups and needs to rethink its entire national security decision-making process, a new military-funded study suggests.”  

“‘I don’t think we understand completely the fight we are in,’ said Lt. Gen. Charles Cleveland, commanding general of U.S. Army Special Operations Command.”  

“Despite 13 years of grueling wars, he noted, the national security apparatus has not adapted to changing threats and has not learned to cope with complex challenges.”  

“‘We are in a competition where it looks like football to us, but it’s really a game of soccer with elements of rugby and lacrosse,’ he said Dec. 12 during a gathering of think tank experts and military officials hosted by RAND Corp. senior analyst Linda Robinson. She is one of the authors of a new study sponsored by Army Special Operations Command, titled, “Improving Strategic Competence: Lessons from 13 Years of War .”