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U.S. Military Investigating Civilian Casualty Reports in Iraq, Syria

The Washington Post reports that “the U.S. military is investigating credible reports of civilian casualties in its campaign against Islamic State militants, the Pentagon press secretary said Tuesday, a shift after months in which defense officials said they were aware of none.”  

“Rear Adm. John Kirby disclosed the probes on Tuesday, telling reporters at the Pentagon that U.S. Central Command is leading the review. CENTCOM officials said they have investigated the credibility of 18 separate allegations of coalition airstrikes resulting in civilian casualties between Aug. 8 and Dec. 30, and determined 13 were not credible.”  

Five more remain under review, however, including two from late December determined to be credible. They began as ‘the direct result of our own internal review process’ said Army Maj. Curtis J. Kellogg, a CENTCOM spokesman, in a statement. The review of the other three allegations are still in initial phases, he added.”

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