Defense Department to Centralize Cyber Defense

Posted January 13, 2015 at 5:10am

Breaking Defense reports that “there’s a new cyber sheriff in town — and none too soon.”  

“When the Pentagon’s social media accounts get hacked, as they did today, it’s acutely embarrassing. When the military’s internal networks get hacked, however, it’s potentially lethal. But the Defense Department doesn’t have a single organization clearly responsible for defending those networks. That changes Thursday.”  

“’In three days, we will have initial operational capability [IOC],’ said Brig. Gen. Robert Skinner, chief of staff at the Defense Information Systems Agency and deputy commander of the brand new Joint Force Headquarters DoDIN. DoDIN sounds like some awesome Avengers-themed codename, but it actually stands for ‘Department of Defense Information Networks,’ the bland designation for the military’s massive labyrinth of computer systems worldwide.”