ISIS Twitter Threat: Military Families Reconsider Online Lives

Posted January 15, 2015 at 1:29pm

CNN reports that “After ISIS Twitter threat, military families rethink online lives.”  

The piece states: “One military wife recalls staying up all night and deleting every Facebook picture of her children, every post that mentioned them or where they went to school. She Googled herself, trying to figure out how easy it would be to find where the family lived. In the morning, she went to her car and scraped the military decal off the front window.”  

“As the spouse of a Special Forces soldier, she’s always tried to be conscious of how much she advertises that she and her three young children are a military family.”  

“‘It’s hard because I am so proud of what my husband does, but lately so many spouses that I know are actually scared that they could be targets of ISIS or someone who sympathizes with ISIS,’ she said, asking that CNN keep her name out of the story for that reason.”  

“This week brought the latest in a string of attacks that members of military families say has spooked them into quietly changing the way they operate online and in real life.”