Spotted: Capitol Hill Fox Says ‘Hi’ To Lunchtime Crowd at Rayburn

Posted March 4, 2015 at 6:37pm

The Capitol Hill Fox is back in business.  

After a multi-month sojourn from delighting members and aides, a source told HOH that everyone’s favorite woodland creature was spotted Monday by “dozens of people” as it graced the congressional grounds. The fox, known affectionately as CHF, was seen outside the Rayburn cafeteria around lunchtime.  

“It was walking South to North … 15 feet from the window, across snow and ice,” said the source, who described the fox as “very fox-like.”  

“It looked … nothing like the comedian Redd Foxx.  Conan O’Brien, perhaps, because of the red somewhat unruly hair,” said the HOH tipster. “I suspect commentators at Fox News – despite their natural allegiance to things named “fox” – will report that a red animal so close to Congress is a sign that America’s liberals and RINOs and their socialist agenda are running amok in the streets of Washington.”  

The source happens to be a Democrat, if readers were unsure based on the account above.  

This publication last reported on the CHF’s activities nearly a year ago. It recently tweeted commentary on upcoming weather forecast, and on freshman GOP Sen. Tom Cotton’s weight .  

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