Why Are Members of Congress Following a Salacious Twitter Feed?

Posted March 11, 2015 at 2:43pm

Why would several members of Congress line up behind what looks to be a porn-intensive Twitter feed? It might have something to do with a concerned Scotsman, a former Cabinet secretary and a sick little girl from Pennsylvania.

To be fair, those of you not presently tuned into the world of @jukeboxradio2 aren’t missing much.

Why Are Members of Congress Following a Salacious Twitter Feed?

Sure, there’s the incredibly lewd backsplash (a couple is depicted in full flagrante delicto). A Web link points all visitors directly to YouPorn. And the summary section appears to have been cribbed from the skeeviest SEO coding handbook ever. (“We give you the best orgasm, porn and sex sounds ever!” the obvious click bait pledges.)

In actuality, the long-dormant feed — the last update was in August 2013 — seems to have focused more intently on flogging digital radio than championing smut.

All of which should come as a relief to the stupefied reader who begged HOH for clarification (“Why Tim Scott? Why?” the baffled fan wrote in an email.) about the seemingly incongruous relationship between the conservative South Carolina senator and the eyebrow-raising social media account.

More importantly, HOH discovered Scott isn’t the only politico who tuned into the erratic, often one-way conversation.

Included among the 176 followers who followed FBR on its winding four-month ride are: