Redditor ­­Can’t Quite Figure Out Republicans

Posted May 18, 2015 at 1:37pm

Never mind attempting to navigate the intellectual mind field that is political ideology. One social media sleuth would just like someone (anyone) to shed a little light on a burning question about the GOP.  

“Are Republicans people?” web user 80provinces Monday queried a D.C-related discussion board.  

Clearly 80p missed the feel-good campaign Romney campaign alumnus Vinny Minchillo rolled out last fall in an attempt to counteract the public’s perception of right wingers.  

The public relations ploy proved to be a godsend for web-savvy satirists, who gleefully subverted the source material (#ImARepublican ) and replaced it with merciless taunts. The ongoing flame war is unlikely to satisfy 80p’s curiosity.  

And our pop culture heroes don’t seem to have arrived at a definitive answer about man’s role in general.  

Film icon Charlton Heston was, at least at one point, convinced humanity was destined to become livestock.

(Pass the soylent green, please!)  

Following a conversation with an opinionated drinking buddy, country star Billy Currington came to the inescapable conclusion that folks are pretty kooky.  

Depeche Mode has for the past 30 years been advocating that we are all, for the most part, basically the same.  

Motivational YouTubers tend to believe many of us are something special.  

Not the late Jim Morrison.  

The late rocker was apparently weirded out by everyone.  

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