Jeff Flake Psyched to Head to Outfield

Posted June 9, 2015 at 3:00pm

While many of his colleagues continue to pour into the insanely crowded race for the presidency, Sen. Jeff Flake is excited about backtracking a bit.  

“I’m moving to the outfield this year,” the Arizona Republican, who most recently helped his party out by manning third base during the 53rd Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game , told HOH of his anticipated return to warning track duty.  

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

“I’ve never been an infielder … it was basically anybody who could throw all the way to first base,” Flake joked about his temporary stint in the dirt. He declined to say who would be taking his place at the bag, but Flake expressed confidence the GOP would shake things up on both sides of the field.  

“I think our defensive team is going to be better than we’ve been in a long time, particularly in the infield. So it’ll be a new game,” he predicted.  

Flake expects the bats to come alive as well — even though ace hurler Cedric L. Richmond, D-La., has stymied Republican scoring efforts for some time now.  

“We’ve been getting more hits off of Cedric every year as we go along,” Flake asserted. “We’re getting better at it.”  

Regardless of the outcome, Flake seems to relish the opportunity to stay active.  

“My wife has accused me many times of doing Congress just for the sports. Because you can be a very mediocre high school athlete like me and as long as you can beat Harry Reid around the bases you’re good,” he quipped.  

Which is not to say he doesn’t have goals for Thursday night.  

(CQ Roll Call File Photo)
(CQ Roll Call File Photo)

“I’d like to go 3-for-3,” he shared. “I haven’t done that for a while. Not since Cedric entered the picture.”