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McConnell: ‘Obvious’ Obama Doesn’t Want Congressional Input on Iran Deal

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One day after Democrats slammed a GOP letter to Iranian leadership, which warned Iran about a potential nuclear program deal with the United States, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday slammed the Obama administration for closing Congress out of the negotiation approval process. “I think it’s pretty obvious that the president does not want Congress to have any say so over the bad deal that we are certain — he seems to be inclined to make,” McConnell said. “… To make a deal of this magnitude with one of the worst regimes in the world without any congressional input, leads you to believe he’s going to make the deal that we all fear he’s going to make … and we’ll just see after March the 24th whether there are enough Democratic senators, not to just ensure passage of the [Sen. Bob] Corker bill, but also to ensure that the veto that we anticipate coming … will be overridden.”