Local Fracking Support Grows in Colorado

Posted October 13, 2015 at 6:30am

The Greeley (CO) Tribune reports that “while the issue of whether local governments can supersede state regulations may well see its day in the state Supreme Court, and debates over the safety and benefits of fracking continue to heat up in Colorado, a cadre of grassroots citizen groups in support of the oil and gas industry has sprouted up in northern Colorado. Amid the he-said/she-said, point-counterpoint debates related to scientific studies and empirical proof, these pro-industry groups are focusing on educating the public to the benefits of locally produced oil and gas.”  

“Moratoriums or bans have been enacted in Boulder County, Lafayette, Broomfield, Boulder and in Fort Collins and Longmont, where litigation filed by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association is in the appeals process. In Loveland, voters defeated an initiative last year to impose a one-year moratorium.”