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OK Earthquakes Easing Over Last Quarter

The Associated Press reports that “while the overall number of earthquakes skyrockets in Oklahoma, the new director of the state Geological Survey says there has been a modest decline over the last three months.”  

“Jeremy Boak, hired in June to head the agency that studies geology and mineral resources, was one of several experts who testified Friday about the increase in earthquakes before a joint House and Senate committee. The rise has been linked to disposal wells where wastewater from oil and gas production is injected deep underground.”  

“Boak says the average number of earthquakes of magnitude 2.8 or higher recorded in Oklahoma has dropped from five per day to 3.5 per day over the last 90 days. A dramatic drop in the price of oil over the last year has led to a decline in oil and gas drilling activity, and regulators have taken new steps to control wastewater wells, but Boak said it’s too early to draw any scientific conclusions.”

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