DSCC to Support Conner Eldridge in Arkansas

Eldridge out-raised Boozman in the third quarter. (Danny Johnston/AP File Photo)
Eldridge out-raised Boozman in the third quarter. (Danny Johnston/AP File Photo)
Posted November 5, 2015 at 11:00am

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, a key national ally for candidates or Senate, endorsed Arkansas Democrat Conner Eldridge Thursday in his uphill race against Republican Sen. John Boozman next fall.  

“Conner Eldridge knows how to fight for Arkansas and will do exactly that once elected to the Senate,” Sen. Jon Tester, the Montana Democrat who chairs the DSCC, said in a statement. “After working to keep Arkansas communities safe from violent crime and drug trafficking, it’s clear Conner is an outstanding public servant who is the best candidate to win next fall, and we’re proud to support Conner in his campaign.”  Eldridge, a former Obama-appointed federal prosecutor, launched his campaign in early September and, in just a month, went on to outraise Boozman  in the third quarter,  $403,000 to $359,000.  

The DSCC’s efforts in Arkansas is somewhat similar to those in Arizona and Missouri and is part of a larger effort to support candidates who could possibly forge paths to victory in the right political environments .  

Democrats haven’t won a Senate race in Arkansas since 2008. In 2010, Boozman beat Sen. Blanche Lincoln, and four years later, then-Rep. Tom Cotton beat Sen. Mark Prior by 16 points, even though the Democrat had the DSCC’s support.  

The Arkansas Senate race is rated Safe Republican  by the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report /Roll Call.