Patrolling the South China Sea

Posted November 6, 2015 at 9:31am

The Wall Street Journal goes “ABOARD THE USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT IN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA – Amid territorial disputes, big power rivalries and seafaring standoffs, one front-line U.S. ship captain maintains a calm outlook.”  

“’It’s just another day in the South China Sea,’ said Cmdr. Robert Francis Jr., the captain of the USS Lassen. The Lassen is the U.S. destroyer that conducted an attention-getting patrol near Subi Reef last week, crossing the 12-nautical mile line into what China maintains are its territorial waters, a claim the U.S. does not recognize.”  

“Although it was the first such patrol since 2012, Cmdr. Francis said that since May 15, his ship has had roughly 50 interactions with different Chinese vessels or aircraft. But most interactions with Chinese naval vessels, he said, are professional and cordial.”