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Vitter Keeps Satirists Busy With T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers

(Photo courtesy HOH tipster)
(Photo courtesy HOH tipster)

NEW ORLEANS — Sen. David Vitter, locked in a tight gubernatorial runoff election in Louisiana with Democrat John Bel Edwards, has given Big Easy satirists a lot of material.  

“Part of Dirty Coast has always been to poke fun at New Orleans and Louisiana, and politics is a major part of that,” said Chris Marroy, general manager for the Crescent City clothier Dirty Coast . Marroy pointed to previous designs needling disgraced Mayor Ray Nagin and the football bounty-hunting scandal surrounding New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton. HOH has previously reported on the “Working Girls for Vitter” T-shirts Dirty Coast cooked up, then promptly sold like hotcakes. That design, by Marroy, displayed a pair of high-heel-clad lady’s legs in the shape of a “V” that start the name “Vitter.” Since going on sale last month, Dirty Coast has sold through one 100-shirt run and has only a few tees left on the second 100-shirt run.  

“With all the stuff with Vitter happening, it was a natural choice,” Marroy said.  

Comes now the bumper sticker, which bears the same general outline, but uses slightly different language to refer to the 2007 prostitution scandal that linked Vitter to the D.C. Madam.  

“Gimme a V! Hookers for Vitter,” the bumper sticker, which HOH spied on a garbage can on Prytania Street here in the tony Uptown neighborhood, right next to the Creole Creamery ice cream parlor.  

(Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call)
(Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call)

The two racy designs, however, are not linked, according to Marroy.  

“Yeah, that was a major coincidence,” Marroy told HOH, disavowing any connection to the refuse-container street art.  

Perhaps it’s something in the air down in the City that Care Forgot.  

Edwards, a state representative running ahead of Vitter in polling leading up to Saturday’s election, released a rough-and-tumble television ad hitting Vitter on the prostitution connection. It’s aired in Louisiana media markets since Nov. 7 . “David Vitter chose prostitutes over patriots. Now the choice is yours,” the ad says, noting that Edwards was in the military.  

At a Nov. 10 debate, Vitter protested the ad mightily, according to the New Orleans Advocate . “You act holier than thou,” Vitter said. “You have the most vicious negative ad up right now.”  

“If it’s a low blow, then that’s because of where you live, senator,” Edwards replied, according to the Advocate.  

And to think this will be all over on Saturday.


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