With New Law, All U.S. Military Dogs Will Return Home

Posted December 8, 2015 at 10:59am

Huffington Post reports that “The heroic pups who courageously serve and paw-tect our country are finally getting the recognition they deserve.”  

“President Barack Obama signed a bill into law last month that guarantees the safe return of all retired military dogs to the United States after serving abroad. In the past, some of these animals were left to retire overseas because they were no longer considered service dogs, and were therefore ineligible for military-funded transportation home, The Washington Times reported.”  

“The American Humane Association estimates that a military dog saves between 150 to 200 service members during his tenure by detecting improvised explosive devices and hidden weapons caches. Upon return from combat, these animals, if given the chance, often continue to protect their humans and help them transition back into society. “