Taiwan to Buy $1.8B Military Hardware from U.S.

Posted December 18, 2015 at 6:15am

Quartz reports that “Taiwan is set to buy a wide assortment of military hardware from the US, thanks to a $1.8 billion deal  announced… The purchases will include  amphibious assault vehicles, anti-tank missiles, and portable air defense systems, as well as two decommissioned US Navy Perry-class frigates.”  

“The US Congress has 30 days  to review the deal, but no problems are anticipated. A 1979 US law commits Washington to help Taiwan defend itself , and many lawmakers have criticized the Obama administration for not moving faster. “I remain deeply concerned about the administration’s delays that needlessly dragged out this process,” said representative Ed Royce, chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. The deal would be the first major US arms sale to Taiwan in more than four years, Reuters reports.