A Family Friendly Pentagon

Posted February 8, 2016 at 5:09am

Time : “There was historic news out of the Pentagon last week, but it wasn’t about new weapons or an operation against ISIS. Instead it was Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s plan to remake the US military by placing “a higher priority on work/life balance ,” rewiring how it handles the changing ways we think of parenting in the 21st century.”  

“The “Force of the Future ” plan aims to remake the increasingly millennial military into a competitive employment alternative to places like Google and Facebook. However, one of the key challenges for that goal has been that retention rates for military women, few in number to begin with (14.8% of enlisted personnel and 17.4% of the officer corps), are 30% lower than for men , with Carter noting that “work and family conflict is one of the primary reasons they report leaving.”