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Gardner Gets All Scientific for Rubio

“So what you’re saying right now is Marco wins?” (Screengrab)
“So what you’re saying right now is Marco wins?” (Screengrab)

Sen. Cory Gardner says Marcomentum is rolling through South Carolina and he has scientific proof. Ahead of Saturday’s South Carolina Republican primary, the Colorado Republican freshman stars in a new ad for Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. in the form of a science lesson.  

The video shows “expert” Jeff Wragg from the College of Charleston’s department of physics at a whiteboard with Gardner.  

“Now tell me, what is momentum?” Gardner asks. Wragg explains the formula for momentum.  

“A change in momentum requires a force be exerted. The political implications of that are obvious, right?” Wragg says.  

Gardner asks, “Momentum is kind of an unstoppable force if you get it going strong enough, right?”  

“And so, with enough momentum, you can roll through South Carolina?” the senator asks. “So what you’re saying right now is, Marco wins?”  

“Absolutely,” the professor says. In the next frame, a very jolly Gardner asks, “Who says Republicans don’t believe in science?”  

Gardner cites the “massive” endorsements from key South Carolina Republicans — Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Trey Gowdy — as additions to “Marcomentum.” He said Rubio is bringing out “massive” crowds.  

He also appeared in “How To Get Revenge With A Football by Marco Rubio,” a January Independent Journal video .  

In November, Stuart Rothenberg explained why Gardner could be Rubio’s V.P. pick .  

The senator endorsed Rubio in November and he has the most congressional endorsements out of the Republicans running for president at 37. Jeb Bush has 31. Donald Trump has none.  

Of those seeking the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton has 172 congressional endorsements, while Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., has two.  

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