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TV Bernie Contributes to Feingold

Larry David gave to Wisconson Democrat's Bid for Senate

David has been playing Sanders on SNL since the fall. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)
David has been playing Sanders on SNL since the fall. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

When Larry David first appeared on the Saturday Night Live stage as Bernie Sanders, he perfectly captured the Vermont senator’s cadence and campaign style. But now, TV Bernie is putting his money where his mouth is in a different race.  

The self-proclaimed “self-employed writer” from Santa Monica, Calif., donated $1,000 to the Russ Feingold Campaign for Senate, supporting the Democrat who is trying to reclaim his seat from Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., in November. The donation was made on March 31.  

David’s ex-wife, Laurie David, an author and producer with Hybrid Nation, also contributed to Feingold—$333.34 on March 18. She is a long-time environmental issue activist, and Feingold was a champion for the environment when he served in the Senate from 1993-2011.  

Johnson’s campaign spokesman has his own theory about the donation, connecting it to a character on the “Seinfeld” series that David created.  

“Maybe Larry David likes Senator Feingold because he reminds him of Kramer — nobody knows what he does for a living, but regardless of whether he’s welcome or not, he just keeps coming back!”  Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said.  

In February, Feingold received another notable Hollywood endorsement. Actor Martin Sheen , who played a fictional president on “The West Wing,” was making phone calls to Wisconsinites on Johnson’s stance on judicial nominations.  

David debuted his impression of Sanders in the fall, which immediately went viral. In February, David and Sanders appeared on SNL together. Sanders went on to win the Wisconsin Democratic primary in April.  


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