DARPA Brings Game-Changing Technology and Its Creators to Pentagon

Posted May 13, 2016 at 5:42am

The U.S. Department of Defense reports that “scientists and engineers from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  took over the Pentagon center courtyard today, defying gray skies and a steady drizzle to demonstrate to future users some of their most cutting-edge work for national security.”  

“Two of the Defense Department’s top technology leaders also were there to speak with reporters about DARPA’s mission — Stephen P. Welby, assistant secretary of defense for research and engineering, and DARPA Director Dr. Arati Prabhakar.”  

“In individual tents situated neatly around the courtyard, DARPA program managers and staff showed off and explained more than 60 of the agency’s programs involving air systems, biology, counterterrorism, cyber, ground warfare, maritime systems, microsystems, space and the electromagnetic spectrum.”  

“’DARPA really is the disruption engine behind our technology enterprise in the department,’ Welby said in an interview with DoD News, ‘working on cutting-edge technologies that are going to fundamentally shape our future, and working to bring that future into today.’”