U.S. Military Creates ‘Space Mission Force’ to Wage Satellite War

Posted July 27, 2016 at 5:27am

Engadget reports that “if a major war ever happens, low-Earth orbit could turn into a combat zone. To that end, the US Air Force Space Command  has created the “Space Mission Force ” to train soldiers to operate military satellites in response to threats. ‘Adversaries have developed and fielded capabilities to disrupt and deny the space systems we operate on behalf of the United States and our allies,’ writes US General John Hyten. ‘Consequently, [we] must organize, train and equip our space forces in a way that maintains our vigilance.'”

“The Air Force already has Space Command squadrons to defend and attack military satellites, but wants to jack up the number of personnel. The goal is to provide airmen with up to six months of training, then have them work four to six months with experienced Space Command personnel. ‘Our space forces must demonstrate their ability to react to a thinking adversary and operate as warfighters in this environment,’ says Hyten.”