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U.S. Military ‘Prepares for New Kind of Warfare’

The Washington Post reports that “U.S. military officers had just finished a mission in the Air Force’s premier exercise to train pilots for air-to-air combat, and something had gone wrong: Rank-and-file troops expected to carry out cyberattacks on enemy air defenses deviated from their plan without warning commanders and pilots.”

The situation, described later by a few officers, created a ‘very excitable and heated’ exchange during a post-mission debrief at the Air Force’s Red Flag training exercise, as it’s known, said Air Force Col. DeAnna Burt, a top commander at the exercise. U.S. troops carrying out cyber operations are expected to complete specific assignments, known as contracts. Doing so can create specific windows of time in which U.S. aircraft can attack while facing fewer threats, while deviating from that plan can put pilots at risk in an actual combat operation.”

The post continues: “The exchange was considered a healthy part of the training exercise. But it also symbolizes some of the challenges for the U.S. military as it shifts its focus to prepare for potential wars against adversaries with advanced weapons. The transition to so-called ‘multi-domain operations’ calls for the Pentagon to prepare not only for wars on land, air and sea, but for newer forms of warfare that incorporate both space and cyberspace.”

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